In 2012, my husband, Joey, and I purchased our first weekly newspaper in south central Kansas. We scrimped and saved until we had enough to make a down payment, and we had far too little money in the bank as we navigated our new lives as entrepreneurs.

In the weeks and days leading up to our big leap, we discussed what kinds of content we’d like to see in the paper, and I offered up that I thought I’d like to write a weekly recipes column. Joey agreed, and on June 7, 2012, my first edition of “Spice Up Your Life” appeared.

My column has been a weekly labor of love since then, as I tried dozens and dozens of new recipes and shared them with our readers. As my recipe box expanded, so did our business, and now “Spice Up Your Life” appears in several newspapers around the state (our own as well as some others) letting a few thousand of my best friends into my kitchen every week.

Both publishing and cooking have become passions for me, and it’s been a fun journey. As far as my column, I have never claimed to be an expert in the kitchen. I like to consider myself an enthusiastic amateur, though, and while not everything I try turns out great, I love experimenting.

So, in March of 2020, nearly eight years after the first appearance of “Spice Up Your Life,” my column finally evolved to its next step: a website and a fantastic sponsor, Kitchen Corner. Kitchen Corner is located at 607 N Main St, Newton, Kan. It’s locally owned and stocked with pretty much any kitchen gadget you could ever want or need. They carry gourmet foods and fresh fudge (made right in the store), along with kitchen gadgets and bakeware, Fiesta and Signature pottery and plate-ware, and tons of other items. Check them out in person or online ( if you ever get the chance.

Thanks for visiting. Hopefully you can find something to help “spice up your life” here.

Lindsey Young , Kansas Publishing Ventures